Hair Solutions

Hair are the symbol of beauty in humans. Hair growth and hair fall are controlled by a number of internal and external body factors. Healthy hair defines your personality and boosts your confidence. Hair loss and baldness are the common concerns of most of the men and women in current times. Hair loss can be a life altering experience. The first thing that comes to your mind when you start losing hair, is what is making this happen??? So, prevent your hair fall at early stage before you get bald. Having beautiful, long & healthy hair is your right. To add on beauty to your life consult our experts regarding every hair problem.

Hair Transplant

A surgical procedure in which hair follicles are transplanted from one part of the head to another part where the hair are completely  lost. The treatment offers permanent hair restoration and new hope to the people of all ages.

PRP(Platelet Rich Plasma) Treatment

Use your own blood to get rid of hairfall,.Platelet rich plasma consist of 4-9 times growth factors concentration which improves the quality of your hairs,promote new hair growth and reduce hairfall .It is equally effective in men & women.Completely safe with NO side effects.

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